Monday, 19 August 2013

Dont stunt your growth eat healthy

Healthy diet helps you grow taller. Some say that a balanced diet helps you live longer. but not only does it make live longer if you are in your teenage years it prevent stunted growth. Human growth stops in your late teens but sometimes earlier to stop yourself from getting stunted growth you need to eat right it is as simple as that by giving your body the right nutrients it needs to grow is the best possible way to secure your chances of getting as tall as possible.. trust me! Oh and eating healthy is just. well healthy to i guess which will give you more energy and help you!

Making money on tha internet is it possible?

Yes it is possible but you need a long term strategy short terms strategies for making money well dont exist and will only get you a few pennies if that....... In my experience building a strong and powerful website to draw in visitors and selling good quality products that people talk about is the only real way to make money!

IS economics a science or not?

I was reading a blog post cant remember where which said that economics is not a science and shouldn't be treated like one by speculative investors.. I think that they where right! If you think about it science is a all bout reproducing the same results from multiple tests.. but this is not the same in economics because there are tons of different factors that are dynamic and influenced by human behavior.... Yeah psychology is the study of human behavior but it is hardly reliable.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Seo people really get on my nerves on forums and not to mention the scammer's that sell faulty and no good seo software which doesn't work as promised take for example a twitter software called twitter money bot... you where meant to be able to create twitter accounts in bulk with it.. but the sales page never mentioned that to us it you would need deathbycaptcha it seems a bit stupid that you cannot just manually type out the captchas but no. Seo people are also arrogant on forums and think they know everything when the reality is seo isn't a science its based on luck and content and links thats it....... but some people kinda think that they know best when they dont.... oh well rant over now.
We are quick to judge stuff happening in the middle east but wouldnt our government stoop to killing the masses that rebel agains them? I think so. Don't be so quick to judge iraq or most recently iraq..... when our own government is just as corrupt but because we have more money better at hiding it..... and there is not yet a excuse for people to rebel but if the people did and considering there are no alternative government parties in the uk i wouldn't be surprised that rebelling would cause mass killing by the government! Not good.

guide to help you grow taller!

Found what looks as though is a quick and simple, easy to read and good guide that tells you what you need to know if you are wanting to grow taller. The guide concentrates on 3 main ways psychologically making people think you are taller than you are by illusion... stretching exercises to help you get much better posture for height increase and finally... height increasing insoles that you could and should wear to boost your height. I thought it would be a useful share! it really did prove useful to me.
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